Are Women Really Celebrated?

         Women’s day on March 8th, another special day to appreciate women for all the roles they take in our lives, a day to express gratitude for their sacrifices made to shape our lives and a day to acknowledge the abilities and achievements of womenfolk! But are they standing tall in all societies around the globe? Are women being given the same approval for their contributions everywhere? Are they really being celebrated?

      Men are men and they are treated the same way everywhere. But, lives of women varies from one country to another. We all know that women has made a lot of contribution towards the progress of a nation and there are more to come. Yet, that’s not all to show the transition of women’s role from a house-maker to a ruler. While some ladies are enjoying the privilege of living life they want, millions of others are still being suppressed as the weaker sex all over the world. So what does this celebration of Women’s Day for? 

        India has woken us all up with the gruesome incident that took an innocent girl’s life away. One point that has to be taken into attention is the fact that the particular rape case was just an incident which could not escape media’s watchful eyes and hence became an issue, drawing attention worldwide. Even while this case was heavily debated and condemned, there were and still are men who are preying on women of all ages for their pathetic sexual satisfaction. What is saddening here is the series of similar unfortunate events that follows after Dehli Gang Rape serve as a proof that the pressure of various organisation and demonstrations are NOT going to change these animals into men. 
         Segregation and injustice towards womenfolk takes place in various forms and it happens most in the labour market. While in some nations women and men are treated equally, for instance, when I applied for a job opportunity for Shell, I noticed residence of Australia are not required to state their gender as this is a part of it’s policy to uphold equality, in some other places, employers are heavily bias and job opportunities are offered for males first. The ability of women and the importance of acknowledging their potentials are never being realised. Education is the key to change a society and I believe educating women makes the effect significant as they raise their children who shapes the society later. 
         I believe as women take their role to be a mother, they should ALWAYS raise their sons to be respecting women and instil the value of gender equality so that ladies are not just viewed as a second sex and sex objects but as a creation of God who are capable of anything that can be done by men in general. Again, women has the power to change how they are treated. It’s all in our hands. ! Only then, women will be truly celebrated and there won’t be a need to have a day dedicated just for us Women.

7 thoughts on “Are Women Really Celebrated?

  1. No fault of woman,there is brain system error due to unawareness and lack of proper definition of interactions in those males.1.Need—there will be no need fulfilled by raping any poor female2.Expectancy Optimism—there will be only punishment in return3.Readiness for opportunities—she was married so where was there opportunity?4.Suitability—they are sexist which just like the fair skin of western foreigners,perhaps guided by God Krishna and culture.5. preparedness—they were not prepared for the reproduction of the baby nor for care of baby.They just desired a BY-PRODUCT CHEMICAL of reproduction.Hence they are just like sex hungry people with defective reproduction system, who gets infertile at young ages since their body organ gets degenerated because of use for other purpose than main function i.e. reproduction (or even egger for reproduction at-least in case one cant afford to have baby and using contraceptives so that their organs remain healthy and fit) no safety was there,they didn't knew if the female is healthy or not.They were just crazy7.Consensus–they used force for it,those pigs used a gang of 8 people.8.Activism–thy did it brutally. For this activity,they are ought to be handed over to husband of lady so that they can take the revenge,else I wonder there will be no justice done to victim since she is not Indian nirbhaya!

  2. He is a capitalist,a western ideologist—look at his fourth and fifth points''Four, women need to become more ambitious and dream bigger. All young Indians – men and women, should have a fire in their belly. Perhaps the way the Indian society is structured, our women are not encouraged to be as ambitious as men. However, for their own sake and the nation's sake, all Indian youth must have ambitions and aspirations to do well and reach their maximum potential in life.''This is capitalist strategy. Destroy families,and love and make money as the only dream.And in that race,be a toy,a flesh of worth.I hope they do follow this advice and be ready for becoming sex dolls.

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