Dream Father For My Children

          Everyone has dreams of their big day with their Mr.Right and dream girl. The other half we have been in search for and the one who fits into our lives just like the missing jigsaw piece. I think I’d like to write my mind on what kind of father I want for my children.
I want a man who is a feminist,
Yes, you got that right and I mean it,
I need a man who respects women, acknowledges their ability and pays heed to the voice of women,
I need a man who could support what I do for living and be an encouragement, 
not someone who shuns me away from being a working woman. 
I need a man of value,
I need someone who stands for his values and principles, 
Someone who isn’t easily influenced,
Someone who doesn’t forgo his values for globalisation,
I need a man who could pass on these values to the children.
I need a man who is passionate,
A man who is into the things he is good at,
A human-activist,
A man who cares for the well-being of the nature,
Someone whose passion is contagious and inspiring.
I need a man who is responsible for his life,
A man whose life is in order,
Whom I believe,
Only then can he make a good life for the family.
I need a man who can teach my children to be independent,
A man who can teach them to live without money,
Someone who could support their passion,
and acknowledges their ambition,
I need a man who doesn’t make my children a spoil-brat.
     I need a man of my dream and I’m not compromising on that or settling for someone I less deserve. 

12 thoughts on “Dream Father For My Children

  1. May your dreams come true for Mr Right,dreams by day and dreams by night.May you children's father rise,right before your very eyes.May he be so right and true,may he always cherish you.

  2. Haha, I'm yet to write on it actually, but yeah let's just hope that everyone will have the best parents and partners in the world. Thank you very much on your feedback, It is so kind of you for your wishes! God bless!

  3. Jasveena, a clear and concise summary of what you desire in a man! I echo the thought and prayer of the poem I shared earlier. :o) He will have to be a strong and smart man to be able to stand toe-to-toe with your intelligence and strength of personality. He will be lucky to have you!

  4. "I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way…." Your knight in shining armour is there somewhere, on his way. Just keep your determined longing for him strong and unwavering so it travels through the air to help him find his way to you. :)Good luck!

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