Pain Is All We Need

You and I,
We are all walking different paths of life,
Behind that smile of every strangers,
Lies an untold story,
Coloured with joy and tanned by sorrows.

Sometimes, pain is the bitter pill,
That we all need,
Never refuse to experience pain,
It’s like an antidote,
Pain protects you, strengthens you,
and builds you to become who you are,
Pain leads you to your destiny.

If you are afraid of pain,
You will never learn,
If you are walking life without pain,
You are never strong,
Rise up from your pain,
Shine bright like the sun,
Stronger than ever!


14 thoughts on “Pain Is All We Need

  1. Jasveena, yes pain can be helpful but it is hard to believe this when you are in the middle of the painful situation. Often times it is only on the other side of the pain that we can see any help from it.

  2. Exactly!!!! When we are in the middle of the hardship, it's like the whole world coming crashing down on our heads and we literally feel like sinking in the sea of difficulties!! But, it is when we bring the force out of ourselves and detach ourselves free from the hardship, it is then we will begin to believe hardship is designed to bring the best out of all of us! Eventually, things fall into its place finely. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the feedback!

  3. The trials and tribulations of life and the joy of overcoming them is what really puts life into our lives. But for them life would be a bland affair.

  4. There's a quote that goes, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."To fear pain is a foolish thing, because everyone experiences it and a life without it, is a life without lessons and without growth. Except it, live through it, understand it, but don't hold onto it. To hold onto it is choosing to suffer, and no good comes of suffering.Great poem. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Mellisa, Can't agree more! You are absolutely true! Everyone should go THROUGH it, meaning to feel what pain is and to come out of the pain. Like getting out of the dark tunnel towards the light that we see! Thank you for you beautiful feedback! Much appreciated!

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