Marriage: Trading Sex For Money?

                                                  This picture tells you everything! 

Look around you and study the factors that drive people to get their partner? Found a similar trend?  This is what I’m going to talk about next!
          I agree financial status and looks play important roles in determining the choice we make for life partners. But, one can run out of money and beauty fades with time. We all know this fact, but still the majority of young men and women go for looks and money respectively. 
To What Extent Are Money and Looks Important?

             When women consider someone as life partners, we definitely pay importance to the financial security of a man. Most women say yes to a man who is able to provide food on table and a shelter above head. These are the basic needs in life. Apart from that, money is also needed to run a family, send kids to school and have decent standard of living.  It’s hard to live without sufficient money in this world and the least a woman can do to take you as her partner is by considering a man’s will to generate money to improve his living standard. I have had a man who isn’t moving his ass to provide basic amenities so I know the pain of having an unsecured future in mind.
                 When men consider someone as life partners, they go for looks. I don’t know about you reading this but I have seen so many of them putting looks on the top priority when it comes to choosing someone as their wife. Looks are important undeniably to be pleasant enough to the man’s eyes and presentable to people addressing the woman as someone’s wife. After all, men need some hot-looking girls to be introduced as their wife. This is how men and women basically think. 
What Happens When Looks and Money Overrule Love and Attitude?
                    So we know money and looks don’t last. Attitude matters. The love for one’s looks and money can die when the man runs out of money and the lady grows old which eventually fades her beauty. It looks pretty fake when someone falls in love for the money and looks. It’s like cheating themselves. Marriage becomes like an union trading sex for wealth. As couples can’t tolerate each others’ attitude, they tend to live for the sake of marriage or kids or worse separate and find their own way. 
                   Good-looking women are hard to please with as they need to be showered with gifts and treats all the time. They just don’t seem to take part in their men’s difficulties. Some men even degrade women and label them as someone who comes after money. So ladies, money buys you and your looks? You sell your looks for money? Isn’t turning out to be gross. It’s no different than people selling sex for money! That makes us feel so cheap isn’t?
Attitude Matters The Most

                    I feel it’s essential to take time to get to know each other well and get to know their attitudes, their wants in life and their compatibility with our character. There should always be a way to glue your relationship up when it feels shattering any time soon. Good look and money aren’t going to bring you anywhere. The will to look for money and make yourself presentable and beautiful is the key to any successful relationship. Screw that money and looks aside. Appreciate your partners for who they are!

14 thoughts on “Marriage: Trading Sex For Money?

  1. I look for all three qualities in a potential partner, including I might add, a woman's ability to financially support herself and contribute financially to a shared income in a relationship.

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog! A man who is able to support a woman's desire to be a working women and be financially independent is definitely one man who is attractive to me. It would be nice too if he is able to share the houseworks! Equal isn't? 🙂

  3. Jasveena, as you say money will be spent and beauty will fade, but the common love and respect should grow when the others pass. Building a relationship that lasts is the most important part of marriage. If you begin with this, the marriage will last when the money's gone and when outward beauty is affected by time. Inner beauty should grow for the man and woman in a true loving relationship, anyway. Just my thoughts! :o)

  4. Thanks for your feedback! That's exactly my point. So for any relationship to last, we need love and tolerance as the base! Only then both men and women can look beyond the factor of wealth and beauty and eventually sustaining the relationship! 🙂 Thank you. Appreciating your thoughts!

  5. Changing priorities and values in an ever evolving world has brought a sea change to the institution of marriage. Where once it was based on principles, values, tradition, mutual respect, love and a coming together of two families along with the two individuals of the family, now marriage for all practical purposes is a union for convenience, atleast in the so called 'developed' parts of the world. Pre-nuptial contract which once used to be an object of derision and disgust, is now a well accepted practice, atleast in some strata of our collective society. Yes, love and sex has not died completely in a marriage but the priorities have shifted to more practical aspects like health, finances and future security of the individuals concerned, etc. True, money, health and beauty and such stuff does not last but for the generation of today (not all but the rest seem to be catching up fast) these are priorities which rule over that of the old school priorities. The joint family system has broken down almost completely, and it may not be a exaggeration to say that for today's youth, it is a strange term, one which they may have no idea at all of. Today's parents have no time to spend with their children and teach them solid values and they are also not the best models for their children to emulate. Today, we are all islands unto ourselves despite sharing the same home and we do not know who our neighbours are. Gone are the days when, as a child, I would sneak out of the house and have a splash at the beach (though I did not have the faintest knowledge of swimming)and when I returned, I would get caned for sneaking out of the house without permission and that too for a dangerous activity like having a splash at the beach, as someone would have spotted us going to the beach and would inform my parents! And it was not as if we were staying in a small neighbourhood. Despite that everyone knew everyone – unlike today. So, it is no wonder that the priorities of the institution of marriage has changed with the changing times. It is a price, a very heavy one at that, that we have to pay for 'progress' and 'development'.

  6. Eugene,I felt I was swamped with the amount of words I saw on your comment and I thought I'm being screwed for I what I wrote! Ahaha! Well, Eugene you have beautifully illustrated the lives we had back in the 80's and 90's! Thank you very much for transporting me to that era and arousing all the wonderful memories I had back in my estate!I guess, we can make a conclusion that materialism has taken its toll on todays marriage! And also, the sacred bonding and union of two souls in the name of love has taken the role of marriage nowadays. I must say it is all for pure pleasure and the desire for wealthy life. I like how you have clearly painted a picture of togetherness in a neighbourhood! It is also completely gone now! Nobody cares who you are and what you do! I think the change in priority has brought about a great impact on our lives and I feel the order of the priority has to be reshuffled by every couple who starts a family and I strongly believe values and principle can COME ALONG with development. It's not that we need to forgo one for the other! Thank you Eugene for your beautiful feedback!

  7. everyone has right to make his/her own choices and if a woman wants to be working the partner should support instead of disallowing and making her financially independent. Its a mentality present in many Indian men. Thankfully its changing with time but the change i.e. really slow as per my liking. My opinion – I will always be there to support my partner whatever she decides

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