Don’t Steal My Sweetness Away

Sometimes stabs you so bad,
Stomps on your heart so hard,                                                

And expects you to pretend,
Like it has never hurt you.
I am grateful,
For I know my dark past,
Should not take a toll on me,
I know my hardship shouldn’t,
Change me to someone I’m not,
But pain cautions me too much,
It hardens and numbs my soul,
So that life doesn’t hurt me anyway,
I was told that,
I’m sweet and kind and caring,
I make a wish tonight,
So that life doesn’t steal,
My sweetness away.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Steal My Sweetness Away

  1. Nice poem. Life sometimes has a way of hardening you and making you bitter when confronted with difficulties and injustice. We need to guard against this with all our might. On another note, just so that you know, I think there is a spelling mistake in the second stanza, third line – toll has been misprinted(?) as 'tool'. šŸ™‚

  2. Sad but sweet Jasveena. yes let us all move away from the pain to a bright future. We will always have pain but let it inspire us not drag us down, like you have in this poem!

  3. Eugene,Thank you Very much for your thoughts. I guess we should never let hardship take charge of our lives and change is into something we are not! Pain should not defeat usI typed this right before going to need through my mobile and the auto correction is doing a bad job.thank you for letting me know this

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