Your Instinct IS Smarter Than You!

This is based on my personal experience! I believe everyone else has gone through something similar. But, just to highlight some stuffs I feel about instinct and how it could always save you from trouble by LISTENING to it. When does your instinct gets stronger, when will it fade?
Instinct, is a complex human behaviour. Have you ever felt very uneasy while leaving your house to work, like something is holding you back and tells you not to go? You ignore the feelings and make yourself feel better by telling yourself it’s nothing only to find out that it was meant as a hint or warning for a road disaster that’s yet to happen. 
Instinct is heavily based on experience! What does a fisherman’s instinct says when he sees a school of fishes lying dead by the beach? It triggers a tsunami warning. When someone says you need experience in a field where you work in when you apply for a job, it means that things you pick up by seeing, hearing and doing are as equally important as your theoretical knowledge. In engineering, your logic and intuition should work at its best to make predictions. 
So, getting back to what I wanted to discuss. I personally feel instinct helps you to avoid a lot of mess in life, only if you give a chance to your inner voice to rise. Your instinct speaks on almost everything you do and perhaps that’s a sign of someone being alive. Your inner voice would tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. It would suggest you that something isn’t going the right way and you may want to double-check on it. When I listen or pay heed to what my instinct says, I was always on the right track and it saves my life most of the time from miseries. There was a point in my life when I was approached by a group of senior girls in my school and I never felt good about them that I instantly knew I would get into trouble if I talk to them any longer. I was right. They were bunch of problematic students!
Your inner voice speaks at different intensity. When you choose to listen to it, it speaks for you all the time and it speaks louder as you decide to search for it. When you ignore it, the voice fades of sooner or later that you feel it doesn’t alert you on anything anymore. You tend to do the wrong thing and get swayed from your track. When you get involved in wrong activities, your instinct would instantly alert you that it’s not right, you take a second to digest and accept that fact but the next minute when you decide to ignore it, your inner voice fades and it stops giving alerts. You continue having fun in the road taken until something really bad hits you then you wake up from your so-called sweet phase and analyse what went wrong. You realise that you have failed your instinct and hence comes all the mess! 
I guess everyone should start analysing what they feel about something and take their time to learn what it tries to imply. If you genuinely feel good about what you are doing, then you are probably on the right track. What does your instinct says now? My instinct says I should stop rambling and get back to work ! 

6 thoughts on “Your Instinct IS Smarter Than You!

  1. While this way of thinking might seem logical, I have found that trusting my own thoughts can be dangerous since they are not always positive or good for me or others. This song has been an encouragement for me as to where I should look for guidance. Here's the lyrics…I believe there is a placeWhere people live in perfect peaceWhere there is food on every plateWhere work is rewarded and rest is sweetWhere the color of your skinWon't get you in or keep you outWhere justice reigns and truth finally winsIts hard fought war against fear and doubtAnd everyone I know wants to go there tooBut when I ask them how to do it they seem so confusedDo I turn to the left?Do I turn to the right?When I turn to the world they gave me this adviceThey said boy you just follow your heartBut my heart just led me into my chestThey said follow your noseBut the direction changed every time I went and turned my headAnd they said boy you just follow your dreamsBut my dreams were only misty notionsBut the Father of hearts and the Maker of nosesAnd the Giver of dreams He's the one I have chosenAnd I will follow HimRead more: more:

  2. My_girl_Sara, thanks for viewing my post and taking time to comment!!! Value your feedback!! You are so right! At times your instinct can screw you up and when it comes to the point of choosing your heart against your mind you get confused and that's where you seek for His help!! Thank you so much for reminding us about the part God plays

  3. Jasveena, interesting post. I have always found it intriguing to try to discern whether or not it is my instinct (another term might be intuition) and as Sara has suggested, God speaking to me. Another, aspect is the role of conscience, the part of us that knows the difference between right and wrong. I believe this can be a spiritual exercise–to try to understand the difference. I think Glen is on to something, suggesting education and (by extension) reason might dull this instinct. Thanks for your insightful post!

  4. A Long,Thank you for your feedback once again A Long. Appreciate it. Yes, all in all there are a lot of factor affecting how strong your instinct is. The older you get, the stronger it is. This too depends on every individual. Like my mom, she knows almost instantly about someone's behaviour just by analysing it and through her instinct. It could also mean someone speaking to us like like God or parents.

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