Like seasons, feelings change!

That sense of excitement,
stealthily catching a glimpse,                                        

On the one you like,
The one that makes your heart skip a beat,
Is now fading away gradually,
Dull and lifeless.
When cupid makes the wrong aim,
Over again,
The euphoria love arouses,
Is never at the same intensity,
Love doesn’t seem enticing,
Dates you remember fades off,
So quickly,
Memories don’t evoke tears in your eyes anymore,
Like seasons, feelings change,
And just like seasons,
It takes the right one,
To make you feel the love,
All over again!


8 thoughts on “Like seasons, feelings change!

  1. Really enjoyed this…and agree with the theme…emotions change..everything changes. One spiritual discovery that I have uncovered in the last couple of years is the pure impermanence of this material world. It puts everything in perspective.

  2. Jasveena, the rise and fall of love, cupid's fickle arrow, expressed in a lovely way. Love half-remembered, half forgotten is sad and I feel it in your poem. Thanks so much!

  3. Hello Suman,Good to see your feedback here. I appreciate your time in reading my poem. I believe when you are strongly involved with your thoughts, you could come up with words to express it. Thanks for the compliments. Appreciating it! Hope to have you reading my works in future!

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