The Truth About Ebola

Be careful


It was with heavy hearts that we learned Tuesday of the death of our colleague and friend Dr. Sheik Hummar Khan. Dr. Khan devoted his life to controlling hemorrhagic fever viruses, like the Ebola virus that brought his life to a brutally short end. His loss adds to the mounting numbers of our colleagues who have been taken by the current West African Ebola outbreak: Alex Moigboi, Iye Gborie, Mbalu Fonnie, Sahr Niokor. They were brave people who died in the service of their communities and their countries. Three other health workers are now positive for Ebola. We pray that they recover from this deadly disease. They are all heroes who continued to care for afflicted people despite knowing that their affliction was with one of the deadliest viruses known.

It is vital that our friends not die in vain. Rather than the fog of misinformation that currently surrounds this…

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